56 years of Colorado Adoption Services

56th Anniversary of Colorado Christian Services

As we approach our 56th anniversary, we look back at what makes Colorado Christian Services such a unique adoption agency. Here at CCS, we have always been committed to providing quality, ongoing services to all members of the adoption triad. Our commitment to the child, the birth parents, and the adoptive family remain steadfast, long after placement.

But how do we continue to provide this level of service to so many people? Well, as those of you who have worked with us know, we place a significant emphasis on counseling our clients. That means we have staff members whose only job is to provide sound advice and the resources necessary to help you thrive.

Take, for example, our birth mother counselor, Monica Padilla Trueman. Monica holds a Master’s degree in Counseling and is a licensed professional counselor (LPC). She starts counseling birth mothers early on in the adoption process and makes sure all of their needs are met by the time they’re ready to place. She continues to meet with these women for as long as they need help, sometimes for years, after placement.

In addition to Monica’s help, we’re also partnering with an organization called  Lifetime Healing to offer an ongoing post-adoption support group for birthmothers in the Denver area.  Not only will this give our birth mothers an additional avenue for support, but it will allow them to meet other women who are experiencing similar feelings surrounding adoption.

We also have staff members whose main job is to support adopted children and their adoptive families. Following the placement of a child, there is always a post-placement supervisory period. During this time, one of our highly-trained caseworkers, like Christine Crabb or Brenna Foos, provides the adoptive family with in-home support sessions. These sessions allow us to assess and address the needs of the family and child, providing further care and offering whatever resources may be necessary at the time.

After 56 years of service, we are so very proud of our agency’s lasting legacy and reputation. However, we look forward to the next chapter of service to women, children, and families.