Colorado Christian Services

leader in adoption services

Our Mission

Colorado Christian Services is a leading provider of adoption services, having been in operation since 1963. We are a state licensed, non-profit child placement agency dedicated to providing professional counseling services to women in crisis pregnancies, serving children through foster care, and assisting Christian couples nationwide in building their families through adoption.

In addition, our Counseling Program is dedicated to providing quality marriage, family and individual counseling on an affordable fee basis in a safe and comfortable environment.

Learn more about services we offer for birth mothers or call anytime (303) 246-1674.

our core values

Why Our Clients Trust Us

Christian Principles

We adhere to Christian Principles and believe in the power of professional, Bible-based counseling to enrich lives.

Children thrive in families

No child should have to grow up without the benefit of a solid family. We believe that the strength of family is one of our most valuable human assets.

Confidentiality & Empathy

We protect the confidentiality of the clients we serve and demonstrate empathy in our interactions with our clients.

Integrity and Trust

We believe in maintaining the utmost integrity in serving our clients. We work diligently to earn our clients' trust and once achieved, we vow to maintain it.


We are highly productive through participation, teamwork, and accountability.


We are committed to excellence in all we do.

“Angels in Adoptions” Award

Angels in Adoption Congressional Program recognized Colorado Christian Services Executive Director, Elizabeth Rich Bolz, as an “Angel in Adoption” for extraordinary contributions on behalf of children in need of a loving family. Given by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, Kathleen Strottman, Executive Director. Award presented to Elizabeth Rich Bolz, LCSW in Washington, D.C. on October 8, 2013, with Representative Michele Bachmann presiding.

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