place baby for adoption

Expectant Birth Mothers

I’m excited! We have been busy working on a new website to help reach women who find themselves in an unexpected pregnancy. 

Why a site dedicated to women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy? Why not include parents hoping to adopt? The way the world communicates and searches for information has changed. People search the web for answers. We wanted a site where pregnant women could go, free of judgement, to find out about adoption as an option. A place that answers questions like, “Does it cost money to place my baby for adoption? Or, “I can’t afford a doctor. Can you help me with medical expenses while I’m pregnant?”

We are passionate about helping expectant birth mothers. Our birth mother counselors can help them understand the differences between parenting and adoption and help them explore their options. We felt that a website dedicated to helping pregnant women was the smartest way to go. So please visit our site and let us know what you think!

Elizabeth Rich Bolz, LCSW

Executive Director

Colorado Christian Services