Christian Adoption Agencies

Can I choose Christian Adoption Agencies for Placing My Baby for Adoption?

A woman who just discovered her unplanned pregnancy most likely has many questions about which unplanned pregnancy option is best for her and her unborn child. If you are looking to give your child up for adoption, licensed Christian adoption agencies can help.

There are many adoption agencies in Colorado, but when searching for an ethical adoption agency that adheres to Christian principles – Colorado Christian Services is here for you. We are a nonprofit adoption agency that only focuses on you. We empower you, and you make all the choices.

Why Colorado Christian Services (CCS) is the Best Christian Adoption Agency?

We at Colorado Christian Services (CCS) have been offering compassionate and professional support to our birth mothers since 1963. Our experienced caseworkers have a deep knowledge of local resources and Colorado state requirements. We believe in the power of professional counseling to enrich lives while following Christian principles.

  • The most valuable human asset is the strength of the family.
  • Our team works hard to earn our clients’ trust. Once achieved, we vow to maintain it.
  • Colorado Christian Services aims to offer the best service to clients through teamwork.
  • We protect the confidentiality of the clients we serve and interact with our clients with empathy.
  • Being one of the oldest Christian adoption agencies in Colorado, for the past 55 years, we have helped many birth mothers to place their baby for adoption.

Birth Mother Services We Offer

If you are pregnant and dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, you need someone to support you. CCS will provide you with the care you need and assist you with the following birth, free of charge:

  • Financial support
  • Transportation
  • Medical bill reimbursement
  • Housing assistance
  • Counseling and legal services

Contact CCS Today

Whether you are planning to place your place through adoption or struggling to find the right option- CCS can help. Contact us by call or text at 303-246-1674. Meetings with our counselor are free and confidential and focus on your unique situation.