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Colorado Christian Services ofrece asesoramiento y apoyo. También ofrecemos asistencia financiera para las necesidades relacionadas con el embarazo. Cada viaje es diferente. Cada situación es única. Casado o soltero, estamos para apoyarte. Estamos aquí para ayudarlo a explorar sus opciones.

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You are a unique and special woman who is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy in the midst of a much larger life story. You may be thinking “I’m pregnant. Where do I go from here?” We want to make sure you know how much your life matters. We’ll walk with you in the here and now, and we would be honored to dream with you about your future.

Our help for birth mothers is always FREE and CONFIDENTIAL

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Are you pregnant in and looking for information about adoption?

We offer counseling for birth parents

Counseling begins during the first conversation you have with your caseworker where you will find an encouraging voice and a listening ear. If you choose to place your baby for adoption, your caseworker will be your guide throughout the adoption process. You can expect to receive counseling that includes options, goals, grief, and loss. Your caseworker is your direct line to our agency’s services. You will be supported as you choose a family and empowered as you create a birth plan. Counseling does not end after the birth of your baby. You will still receive support and guidance for as long as you need it.

Is Adoption Right For Me?

Choosing adoption does not mean “giving up” your baby. A decision to place your baby up for adoption shows that you love your baby so much that you want to make the best decision for your baby. You have already demonstrated your love for your unborn child by choosing life. Even though you find yourself in an unexpected pregnancy, you can give direction to the future of your baby.

You can choose a family for you and your baby from the waiting families. You choose the amount of contact between you and the adoptive family. Our families are ready to share an open adoption with you. Again, you are  NOT «giving up» or «putting up» your baby. Making an adoption plan means you are lovingly placing your baby through adoption.

What if I choose to parent?

Should you choose to parent your baby, we can help you develop a budget and parenting plan that works for you. We can also get you started with items you may need, such as diapers, baby wipes, clothing, and car seats.

You do not have to go through this pregnancy alone.

We can be an unbiased support system in your life. All the support and counseling we provide is free and confidential.

Answers To Common Questions

Can I choose a family to adopt my baby?

Yes, absolutely! You make all of the decisions. Every couple seeking newborn adoption in Colorado through Colorado Christian Services has been thoroughly screened for adoption readiness.

How much will this cost?

There is no cost to you. We provide you with all of the counseling, parenting services, and adoption services free of charge.

Does the birth father have rights?

Yes. Both you and the birth father have rights. If he disagrees with the adoption or you no longer have a relationship with him, then Colorado Christian Services will work with you to find a way of notifying him of your plan of adoption.

No Judgement

We promise to provide you non-judgmental and unbiased support

Free & Confidential

All counseling is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

No Need To Travel

We are happy to meet you where you are most comfortable.

Best Support Team

We have counseled over 6,500 women and are known for our adoption services.

Pregnant Mom’s adoption Guide

Unexpected pregnancy? Adoption may be an option.

Our birth mother caseworkers are here to help you with pregnancy counseling, parenting plans, and adoption plans. You probably have a lot of questions as you try to decide what is best for you and your child. Is open adoption for you and your baby? Contact us today to get the answers you need. Colorado Christian Services is a leading provider of adoption services in Colorado.

Meet Our Waiting Families

In over 50 years of service, colorado christian services has placed nearly 1,200 children into loving, adoptive homes.