Colorado Christian Services

How Can I Help Support Colorado Christian Services?

2020 has brought so many unexpected changes to our nation, including a coin shortage. You can support Colorado Christian Services AND help the United States #getcoinmoving by participating in CCS’s Change for Good AnnualCampaign!

Denver adoption agency, Colorado Christian Services has been serving the Denver-area community and building families for over 55 years. We come alongside women facing an unplanned pregnancy in Colorado and Christian couples hoping to adopt to offer caring, experienced, and professional adoption planning services, and we welcome your support!

You can work with your family, church, neighbors, or friends to gather loose change and boost both CCS and the national economy. Now is the perfect time to clean out those cup holders, junk drawers, and couch cushions!

We’ve thought of everything – including social distancing – and have all resources and ideas ready for you to use your change for good. Visit our Change for Good page to learn more and get your free resources.