Giving Up Baby For Adoption in CO

How do birth mothers feel about giving their babies up for adoption?

Before making an adoption plan, many birth mothers worry about how giving up their babies will feel. However, those who have chosen adoption find they do not actually have to “give up” the child. Choosing adoption because you are not able to parent at this time does not mean giving up. Instead, it means you choose to make the best plan for both you and the child.

One birth mother shared:

  1.             I chose adoption because I wanted my child to have the very best life he could have, and I knew
  2.             I was not able to take care of him at the time. Watching him be part of a loving, supportive family has been such a blessing, and because we chose an open adoption,
  3.             I have been able to be part of his life, too. I know he is right where he needs to be.

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