Putting my child up for adoption

I am Pregnant and Considering Adoption. How Do I Put My Child Up For Adoption in Colorado?

My whole world was upside down when my pregnancy test result came back positive. I am not ready to be a parent yet and planning to put my child up for adoption. But I am not sure how to start the adoption process.

How can I take care of my expenses during pregnancy, as I can’t continue my part-time job? Is there a licensed adoption agency in Colorado that can help me with adoption services? Can I hide my identity when giving my child up for adoption?

Colorado Christian Services (CCS) can help you. You’ve come to a safe place to find helpful answers. We understand the stress you are going through. Our team of experienced caseworkers and adoption professionals will assist you through this journey. We are one of the leading adoption agencies in Colorado, with over five decades of adoption experience assisting women with unplanned pregnancies. Our service is 100% free and confidential.

How to Put Your Child Up for Adoption? 

Consult with our Caseworker to Understand Your Options

Our experienced and highly skilled caseworkers will discuss your unplanned pregnancy options and help you find the right solution. You can talk over the phone or just drop a message or meet a caseworker in person to learn about the adoption process.

Select an Adoption Plan

You can create a custom adoption plan that works best for you and your baby. Based on the level of contact, there are three adoption plans to choose from:

  • Open adoption
  • Semi-open adoption
  • Closed adoption

Our caseworkers will guide you through creating a personalized adoption plan that suits your hopes for you and your child.

Choose Adoptive Family

At CCS, we run background checks and screen adoptive couples before sharing their information with birth mothers. We know the importance of choosing the right family for your baby. You can go through all the profiles shared by our adoption professionals and consider the best one for your child.

Plan for Delivery

Your caseworker will work with you and help you create a delivery plan. You will be able to make detailed decisions about what you would like to happen while you are at the hospital.

Get Post Placement Support

Our caseworker will continue to counsel and assist you to help you process grief and bring stability to your life.

Looking for more information on how the process works or more insights on how to put your child up for adoption? Call or text us at 720-961-3856. We are ready to support you 24/7, 365 days.