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I Have Decided to Put My Baby up for Adoption. Which Adoption Agency in Colorado Can I Contact?

I am pregnant and have decided to place my child up for adoption. I am stressed and have many questions to ask. Is there a trustworthy local adoption agency in Colorado that I can contact?

Whether you have an unplanned pregnancy or have just delivered a baby but cannot raise your child, your circumstances matter to us! You are not alone. Colorado Christian Services (CCS) is here to HELP you and answer all your questions. We’ll walk with you in the here and now, and we would be honored to dream with you about your future.

Why Colorado Christian Services is the Best Adoption Agency? 

Colorado Christian Services has been serving pregnant women and adoptive parents for nearly 60 years. Strong values and beliefs drive us to do our best for birth and adoptive parents. We have placed many children with safe, kind, and loving adoptive families.

Our Services

At CCS, we offer personal care to our birth mothers. Our services for birth families are free and confidential. We will help you with the services mentioned below.

  • A customized adoption plan
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Medical care
  • Financial support
  • Counseling
  • Legal services

Our caring, experienced adoption caseworkers will empower you and guide you through the adoption process. We provide support and counseling to our birth mothers post-adoption as well. Post-adoption counseling and support will help you adjust and work through the complicated emotions that come with an unplanned pregnancy.

We believe that the strength of the family is one of the most valuable human assets, and all children should get that. Adoption is a positive choice when parenting is not an option.

Reaching out to us does not mean you have to choose adoption or make any decisions. If you have questions or don’t know what to do, Contact us to speak with one of our dedicated counselors. Call or text us anytime at 720-961-3856 to learn more about Colorado Christian Services.