Adoption Plan for pregnant women in Jail

In Jail and Pregnant? CCS Can Help

For several years now, Colorado Christian Services has worked with women who are experiencing both planned and unplanned pregnancies while incarcerated. We feel that it’s part of our mission to serve women, regardless of their circumstances, and make sure that they truly understand all of their options surrounding their pregnancy. 

Women who are pregnant in jail have the same opportunity to give their child the best life possible, and that may involve choosing adoption for him or her. While each woman’s situation is unique, if you find yourself giving birth in prison and facing a long sentence, adoption might be something to think about in regards to what is best for your baby. 

While there will be differences between your adoption and an adoption for a woman who is not incarcerated, most of the process will remain the same. You will be able to create an adoption plan that you are comfortable and choose the right adoptive family for your baby. You’ll also be able to have a hospital plan in place (in accordance with prison policy). After placement, most women in prison are able to have continued ongoing contact with the family through pictures and letters. This is called a semi-open adoption.

If you’re incarcerated and pregnant, it might seem like all of your choices have been taken away from you, along with your freedom. However, you do have the power to make a good choice for your baby. Colorado Christian Services is here to help you. By working with us, you are empowered to make all the decisions surrounding your pregnancy.