Birth Father Adoption Plan

Involvement of Birth Father in Creating An Adoption Plan

Every adoption is different. However, many adoptions result in wonderful relationships between the birth family, the child, and the adoptive family. If you, or your partner, is facing an unplanned pregnancy in Colorado and are considering making an adoption plan, then it’s important to you know that placement day does not mean goodbye.

While many stories of adoption focus on the birth mother, rightfully so, we often ignore the story of the birth father. More often than expected, the birth father plays a large role in the creation of an adoption plan. Like the birth mother, they too have big plans for their future and maybe don’t feel like they’re ready to become a parent – and that’s okay!

It’s not uncommon for the birth father to also have a relationship with the adoptive family, specifically the adoptive father. These relationships take many different forms, sometimes they’ll meet up yearly to talk, other times they’ll stay in touch via text or email. Regardless of the amount of contact, this relationship is just as important as the relationship that a birth mother has with the adoptive family or adoptive mother. The relationship between the birth father and adoptive father is unique and unlike anything else.

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