Colorado Adoption

My Friend is Pregnant And Considering Colorado Adoption. How To Find Out The Best Adoption Agency in Colorado?

My pregnant friend is considering adoption for her child in Colorado. She is a college student unable to raise a child. How does the Colorado adoption process work?

Whether your friend is pregnant or has just delivered a child and is unable to parent that child, Colorado Christian Services (CCS) is ready to help. She is not alone. We can help your friend to understand how the Colorado adoption process works. Our caring, experienced staff will help her create a customized adoption plan for her baby.

At Colorado Christian Services (CCS), we have been helping pregnant women and adoptive parents for nearly 60 years. Because of our experience with Colorado state requirements and local resources- we have placed hundreds of babies into loving and kind families.

Remember, talking to us in no way obligates her to choose adoption for your child. She is free to make her own decision. We are here to help her make the best decision for her and her child. Our services for birth families are free and confidential. We offer the following birth mother services:

Adoption planning
Pregnancy-related costs
Transportation assistance
Rent assistance

We provide support and counseling to the birth mothers post-adoption as well. Post-adoption counseling and support can help with the emotions that come with an unplanned pregnancy. Adoption is an act of love. You are choosing to give your child a life that you may not be able to provide at this time.

Giving your baby up for adoption does not mean you cannot stay in touch with them. If you choose open adoption for your child, you can continue to be part of your child’s life.

If you have questions about how adoption works in Colorado, Call or text us anytime at (303)246-1674 to learn more about us.