Thinking About Adoption

My Teenager Daughter is Expecting and Thinking About Adoption for Her Child. What Should I Do?

Help! My teen is expecting and thinking about adoption for her child! Situations like this are extremely stressful for a parent. Having a teen daughter expecting a child can be stressful for you and your daughter. You both may be overwhelmed, angry, worried, and or confused.

However, your daughter needs you and your support during this stressful time. You are the person who can help her in making the right decision at this phase of her life.

Making the Right Choices About an Unplanned Teen Pregnancy

In the case of unplanned teen pregnancy, it’s essential to consider the options.

  • Continue with the pregnancy and parent the child
  • Place the baby for adoption

Unplanned pregnancy options have their own pros and cons. We can help you understand your options. Our caseworkers at CCS are available 24/7 and you can reach us by texting or calling 720-961-3856.

Adoption is a positive solution for teens who are not in a situation to parent a child. But first, they need to know about adoption in-depth. If you choose to place your baby for adoption, we will be your guide throughout the process. At Colorado Christian Services (CCS), we are ready to walk you through the process. Our agency will handle all legal aspects of your adoption at no cost to you.

Pregnant teenagers are entitled to financial assistance during pregnancy if needed up to six weeks after the child is placed.

The adoption plans for your teenage daughter thinking about adoption: –

1) Open Adoption

Choosing an open adoption plan allows a birth mother to stay in touch with the adoptive family and build relationships with the child.

2) Semi-Open Adoption

Semi-open adoption allows a mother to stay informed about her child’s life through pictures, phone calls, and letters.

3) Closed Adoption

In a closed adoption, you will not have direct contact after the child is placed with the adoptive family. However, if the mother chooses to reconnect with the child when they turn 18, she may be able to contact the child.

Thinking about Adoption? We are Ready to Help You

At Colorado Christian Services (CCS), we can help you understand the adoption process and guide you in this journey. Remember, your teenage daughter and you are not alone in this journey; we are ready to assist you. Contact us anytime.