Open Adoption in Colorado

Openness in Adoption

95% of adoptions in the United States have some degree of openness.  At Colorado Christian Services we would estimate that number to be even higher.

According to the Child Welfare Information Gateway at, among other things, open adoption allows adopted children to establish a sense of connection and belonging, develop a deeper understanding of their identity and a greater sense of wholeness, gain access to important genetic and medical information, preserve connections not only to their biological family but also to their cultural and ethnic heritage, develop a better understanding for the reasons for placement (which can lessen feelings of abandonment and increase a sense of belonging), relate to birth family members as real people with strengths and flaws rather than idealized (or overly negative) fantasies, increase the number of supportive adults in their lives, and/or create a foundation for lifelong relationships.  We believe in open adoption at Colorado Christian Services.  Call us at 303-761-7236 to learn more about open adoption.  We can help.