Open Adoption in Colorado

Openness in Adoption

Over the past 20 years, adoption has changed quite a bit. In the past, most adoptions were considered to be, closed adoptions.” This meant that the birth parents were left wondering how their child was, where they were being raised, and what kind of person they were growing up to be. They had no way of seeing pictures of them, hearing their voice, or knowing if they’d ever see them again. These closed adoptions were very tough on the birth parents, but equally as tough on the adoptees, who also wondered about their birth family, if they even knew of their existence.

Today, most adoptions are at least semi-open, if not fully open adoptions. This means birth parents no longer live in fear or uncertainty of their child’s well-being, and the children are better able to truly understand their roots and their beginning in this world.

We encourage all adoptive families to maintain and continue a relationship with their child’s birth family throughout the child’s life. It’s overall a better situation for all parties involved. It leads to more happiness and peace for everyone in the adoption triad.

If you’re interested in adoption in Colorado, or are facing an unplanned pregnancy in Colorado, we can help you sort through your options. Colorado Christian Services has helped unite thousands of adoptive families and would be more than happy to speak with you during this time. You can give us a call or text us at any time, any day of the week at (303) 761-7236