Giving Baby up for Adoption

Planning to Give Your Baby Up for Adoption in Denver? CCS is Here for You

Pregnant and don’t know how to move forward? It is okay to feel overwhelmed and confused. You have options including parenting your child or giving your baby up for adoption to manage your unplanned pregnancy.

If you are planning to place your child through adoption in Denver, Colorado Christian Services (CCS) can help you get started with the adoption process. CCS is local and licensed in Denver.

Why Colorado Christian Services is the Best Adoption Agency in Denver?

Colorado Christian Services has served Denver birth mothers and adoptive parents since 1963. Our caring and experienced adoption caseworkers have deep knowledge of local resources. As a local and licensed adoption agency in Denver, our values and beliefs drive us to meet the needs of every birth mother and her child.

Services We Offer to Our Birth Mothers

If you are planning to give your child up for adoption, you need someone to help you understand the adoption process and make the right decision. We empower you to make the right decision for you and your baby. Only you know what is best for you and your child. Our dedicated Birth Mother Caseworker will give you the care you need and provide you with birth-parent services free of charge.

Financial Support

A Customized Adoption Plan

Transportation Assistance

Medical Care


Housing Assistance

Have Questions? Need Help? Contact Us

Do you have questions about adoption or need help with an unplanned pregnancy? Contact CCS today for more information. We are available 24/7. Get help today.

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