Pregnant and choosing adoption in Colorado

Things You Need to Know if You Are Pregnant and Choosing Adoption for Your Baby in Colorado

Finding out you are pregnant can be emotional and overwhelming, especially if the pregnancy is unexpected. Many women find themselves asking what the next steps are in this situation. Raising a child without financial and emotional support seems overwhelming. If you are pregnant and choosing adoption, Colorado Christian services can help you navigate next steps.

It is important for women who are pregnant considering adoption to consider the following:

A birth parent can consent to place the child for adoption even after giving birth. Licensed child placement agencies like Colorado Christian Services (CCS) can help you in this process. You can consult with our compassionate and expert caseworkers at any time confidentially.

We provide options counseling when and where you are most comfortable. At CCS, birth parents make all the choices and are encouraged to consider all options and never pressured in their decision-making process.

Birth mothers and birth fathers have equal rights in the decisions pertaining to the child. CCS offers counseling to both parents with the option of meeting individually.

Have doubts about the process? Contact the Colorado Christian Services team at 720-961-3856. We provide free counseling to women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, empowering them to make a well-informed and confident decisions for themselves and their babies.