Fathers day

Some Thoughts On Father’s Day

Some may wonder if an adopted child misses out on the special relationship that children often have with their father. Actually, the adopted child gets gifts from three fathers.

  • The birth father might give a child his caramel brown eyes or the sweet dimples in their cheeks. As the child grows, maybe a love of sports or a talent for music will reflect the gifts of the birth father.
  • The adoptive father gives the gifts of time, love, and nurture. He may not pass on his genes, but he passes on important life lessons, and his influence shapes the life of his child in lasting ways.
  • Most importantly, each child gets the gifts of love and grace from the Heavenly Father. No matter the circumstances, each child is fearfully and wonderfully made, knit together by the Lord, and God has a beautiful plan for each life.

An unplanned pregnancy may feel overwhelming, but God can bring beauty from even difficult times. On Father’s Day, remember that adoption can multiply the love and gifts received by each precious child.

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