The Adoption Option for Birth Mothers

When a woman experiences an unplanned pregnancy, she often thinks there are two options: birth termination or parenting. In truth, there is another option that can both protect the life of the child and provide another choice for the birth mother. That option is adoption!

Adoption allows the birth mother to make a thoughtful, specific plan for her child and herself. At Colorado Christian Services, our experienced, professional caseworkers work side by side with each birth mother to create a plan that works best for her.

The birth mother creates an adoption plan that includes a plan for delivery, as well as choosing just the right adoptive family. The choices are in the birth mother’s hands, and CCS provides an unbiased support system at no charge. With adoption, the life of the precious child is protected, and the birth mother is allowed the freedom to consider what is best for both herself and her child.

An unexpected pregnancy can leave a woman feeling scared and unsure of the future, but Colorado Christian Services is here to help. Call or text us 24/7 to find out more about how the adoption option could be a wonderful option for you: 303.246.1674.