Give My Baby Up For Adoption

What Do I Lose If I Give My Baby Up For Adoption?

For women facing an unplanned pregnancy in Colorado, choosing adoption can feel like a loss; a loss of choice, a loss of contact, a loss of a child. Birth mother’s we’ve talked to explain that they feel that they are “giving up” their child by choosing adoption.

Here at Colorado Christian Services, we strive to help each birth mother create a plan that provides choice, love, and support. If you choose to parent your child, we will provide counseling and help you get started. If you choose adoption, you don’t have to give up your child or miss those precious moments. We will work knee-to-knee with you to design an adoption plan that meets your needs, from choosing the family to adopt your child to choose how much interaction you have with the family and child. Your individual needs, your comfort, your heart’s desire will all be supported, and we will be with you each step of the adoption process.

Your unplanned pregnancy is a part of your journey, but it doesn’t have to be defined by loss. We’re here to help you navigate the loss, but we’ll also help you see how much you can gain by choosing life for your child. Our licensed caseworkers will answer any questions you may have about adoption, and be a support for you to lean on during this trying time. We are here for you 24/7, even in the midst of pandemic. You can call or text us at 303-246-1674 for individualized, non-judgmental assistance.