Open Adoption in Colorado

What is the difference between open adoption, semi-open adoption, and closed adoption?

At Colorado Christian Services, we know adoption can be confusing, especially during an unplanned pregnancy. We are here to help you sort out the details so you can make the best choice for yourself and your child. The more informed you are about adoption, the more confident you will feel in your specific, personalized adoption plan. While there are many aspects to consider, one of the most basic is how much interaction and communication you will have with the child once he or she is placed with an adoptive family.

  • Open adoption allows you the most interaction. You will have ongoing visits with the child and will be able to build relationships with both the child and the adoptive family.
  • Less open, or semi-open, adoption provides information with less direct interaction. This type of agreement allows you to stay informed about the child’s life through pictures, letters, and phone calls.
  • Closed adoption is another option. This type of agreement means you will not have any direct contact after the child is placed with an adoptive family.

Your Colorado Christian Services caseworker can help you consider which type of adoption agreement works best for you. Each adoption is unique, and you get to choose a plan that works best for all involved. You will always be special to your child and adoptive family, no matter what type of adoption you choose, and the decision is in your hands.  You can call or text a caseworker 24/7 to learn more: 303-246-1674.