Unplanned Pregnancy Help

What Unplanned Pregnancy Help is Available in Colorado?

I am seventeen and not ready for this unplanned pregnancy at all! I am in high school and want to focus on my studies. I am not yet ready to be a parent. What kind of unplanned pregnancy help is available in Colorado?

Going through an unexpected pregnancy can be challenging. You are not alone. There is help. That’s why contacting a licensed, private adoption agency in Colorado like us is vital for women considering adoption. With 60+ years of experience, Colorado Christian Services (CCS) is here to help you. We can guide you in understanding your unplanned pregnancy options.

Our compassionate and experienced adoption staff can provide you options counseling and walk you through the adoption process. We are happy to answer any questions you may have so that you feel confident in your choice. Remember, talking to us will never obligate you to put your baby up for adoption. We treat you with respect and dignity. There is nothing simple about what you are doing here.

What to consider while selecting an adoption agency for unplanned pregnancy help?

  • Choosing the right adoption agency is one of the most important decisions in the adoption process.
  • Check if the adoption agency is local and licensed in Colorado.
  • What are the birth mother services offered by the adoption agency during and after the pregnancy?
  • Will they help you create a customized adoption plan for your child?
  • Do they have prescreened adoptive families that you can choose for your baby?
  • How responsive is the adoption agency to your questions?
  • Are they able to help with legal services?

All these questions and answers are essential for your well-being and comfort with the decision you make for yourself and your baby. You are not only selecting this adoption agency for you but for your child as well. No matter what, you deserve to be confident in your choice.

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