Putting Baby Up for Adoption

Why Putting Your Baby Up for Adoption is Not Giving Up

I am pregnant and thinking about putting my baby up for adoption. I am not ready to be a parent yet, and I want to ensure that my child is raised by a loving family. I’m overwhelmed and I don’t know if it is the right decision.

We want to assure you that you are not “giving up” when you place your baby for adoption. It is a loving decision that gives your baby a secure future. You are sacrificially choosing to put your baby’s needs ahead of your own. In addition to love, raising a child requires money, time, and support. That’s why people say it takes a village to raise a child.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Adoption for Your Baby?

We have provided adoption services for more than 60 years and understand that many mothers choose adoption because they want what is best for their child. They love their child enough to give them a better life than they can provide. It is a selfless choice motivated by their love for their child and what they believe is best for them. Here are some of the advantages to think about when considering adoption:

  • Your baby will be placed in a loving and stable family
  • The opportunity for quality education and extracurricular activities
  • A life full of love and support
  • The ability to pursue their dreams and goals.

Adoption looks very different than it used to when birth mothers would give their babies to adoptive parents, never to see or hear from them again. Birth mothers now have more choice than ever in creating an adoption plan and deciding what level of contact they would like to have with the adoptive family and their child moving forward. You are empowered to be involved in every step of the process from the beginning to the end. Adoption agencies in Colorado, like CCS, can help support you and walk you through the adoption process. We want to make sure you know how much your life and the future of your baby matter. It’s why we support you throughout the entire journey.

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