Pregnant Adoption

How Can a Pregnant Woman Put Her Child Up for Adoption?

A pregnant woman can find the adoption process challenging. That’s why working with the right adoption agency is a must for birth mothers. It is important to look for an agency that is experienced, responsive, licensed, and local. At Colorado Christian Services (CCS), we can walk by your side and help you place your child for adoption with the family you choose.

We are here to empower birth moms with care, compassion, and attention. Whatever decision you will take for your child, CCS will support it.

How Can a Pregnant Woman Place Her Child for Adoption?

Meet with a Caseworker

One of our experienced and caring caseworkers will talk with you about unplanned pregnancy options. We can meet with you in person, when and wherever is more comfortable for you.You are never giving up your baby but gifting your baby a loving and secure future.

Create an Adoption Plan

Your caseworker will guide you through creating an adoption plan that works best for you and your child. Typically, there are three types of adoption plans.

Open adoption
Semi-open adoption
Closed adoption

Select an Adoptive Family

Colorado Christian Services has many loving, hopeful parents. We display carefully screened, adoptive families on our website. These families are ready to start or grow their families through adoption. You can consider each and choose the right family for you and your child.

Plan for Delivery

Your dedicated caseworker will work with you and support you while making a delivery plan. They will make sure your voice is heard, and your needs are met.

Post Adoption Counseling

Our relationship with you does not end after you complete the adoption process. Your  caseworker will continue to counsel and support you as long as needed.

Need Help? Contact CCS Today

Are you pregnant and thinking about giving your child up for adoption? CCS is ready to help you. We understand that this journey is unexpected but can also be beautiful. Call or text us today at 303-246-1674 for further assistance.