Whether you are a woman facing an unexpected pregnancy or a family hoping to adopt, your circumstances matter! Each person is unique, each journey is different, and each life is precious. Unlike some of the other Denver adoption agencies, the team at Colorado Christian Services (CCS) wants to know YOUR story.  We care about YOU.

Researching Denver Adoption Agencies? Need Help Today?

Colorado Christian Services has been serving the Denver community for nearly 60 years. We have a deep knowledge of local resources and Colorado state requirements. Our state-licensed agency provides both the highest level of professionalism and the one on one, personal care you need during this time in your life. And unlike other Denver adoption agencies, we are a non-profit organization. We are driven by our values and beliefs, and truly want the best for every expectant parent that walks through our doors.

Our Services. 

If you are an expectant mother dealing with a crisis pregnancy, you do not just need information. You need someone to come alongside you to help you navigate the many decisions ahead of you. CCS will provide you the care you need and assist you with the following birth parent services, free of charge:
  • An adoption or parenting plan
  • Financial support
  • Transportation
  • Medical care
  • Housing
  • Counseling and legal services

Need Help Now? Give Us A Call. 

Colorado Christian Services is a safe place to find good answers for both women facing unexpected pregnancies and families seeking to adopt. You are not just a case file to us – You are a precious individual with a unique story.  We will walk with you every step of your journey. You can call or text us 24/7 at 720-961-3856.