Placing Newborn For Adoption In Colorado

Your Guide To Placing Your Newborn For Adoption In Colorado Is Here

Are you a birth mother thinking about placing your newborn for adoption? Making adoption plans for your baby is never an easy decision. If you are not in a situation to parent your child, considering adoption for your newborn can be a great option.

Have questions about your child’s “last minute adoption” process? Let us help. “How do I start the adoption process after giving birth?” This can be the most common question that comes to the mind of a birth mother who has just given birth to a baby.All you need to do is contact a private licensed adoption agency in Colorado, like us, so we can walk you through the adoption process. Our team of experienced birth mother caseworkers can help you understand the adoption process and also take care of the legal procedures.

How to plan for Newborn Adoptions in Colorado

Meet with a Birthmother Caseworker

You can contact a local adoption agency in Colorado, like Colorado Christian Services (CCS), to get free help. Our experienced caseworkers will counsel you at your convenience and help you navigate options. It is 100% confidential and at no cost to you.

Create an Adoption Plan

Once you decide to place your baby for adoption, your dedicated caseworker will help you make a customized adoption plan for your baby. Three types of adoption plans are available for birth mothers: open, closed, and semi-open. We will help you decide what works best for you.

Select an Adoptive Family

When selecting an adoptive family, your caseworker will help you choose the right family for your child. You can contact them and meet with them before placing your child for adoption based on your level of comfort.

Get Support after Placement

Once you’ve delivered your child, you will still need support. Your caseworker will continue to counsel and support you as long as needed. We also have a post-adoption support group available to you.

Place your Newborn for Adoption with Colorado Christian Services

Adoption can be an option even after your baby is born. Colorado Christian Services (CCS) has 55+ years of adoption experience in the Denver area. It is reassuring to know you have experts working on your behalf. Call or text us at 720-961-3856 for further information. We are here for you.